Doula Care

To optimize their natural birth experience, we encourage each mother delivering at with OMG Women’s Healthcare to inquire about our Doulas.

Doula Care at OMG Women’s Healthcare

Doula care before and during labor can ensure continuous physical, emotional, and informational support to a new mother. While a doula is not a substitute to a doctor or a midwife, she can make childbirth a transcendent experience, advocating and vocalizing for a woman and her family. Doulas aid in breathing exercises, relaxation, massage, and other support techniques. Women choosing a doula with OMG Women’s Healthcare will be supported throughout the labor, delivery and postpartum process. Doulas are available through the OMGWH doula program at a deeply discounted fee. We also support women who chose to hire a private doula.

  • What is a Doula?

  • According to The Journal of Perinatal Education, doula support offers:

    • 25% reduction in length of labor
    • 50% reduction in cesarean rate
    • 60% reduction in epidural anesthesia
    • 40% reduction in Pitocin administration

    OMG Women’s Healthcare doulas are nationally certified. We are proud to offer doula services to all mothers regardless of their birth plan.

    We host a monthly Meet & Greet for all clients who are interested in our doula program for an opportunity to meet our doulas and learn about how they can support you during labor and birth. Ask our office staff for upcoming dates and times if interested!

    Learn more about each of our Doulas!