Meet the Doulas

Our Doulas

Our Doulas are nationally certified and prepared to support your birth no matter your plan!

Jennie Bohlman

IMG_9602Jennie brings more than 10 years’ experience to her role at OMG Women’s Health as childbirth educator and doula. Jennie is passionate about the importance of having a positive birth experience which can be achieved through education and doula support. She is excited to have the opportunity to educate and support couples as they prepare for and make this important transition to parenthood.  Jennie is also a musician and visual artist and lives in the south suburbs with her supportive husband and 3 wonderful children.

Karishma Darji

IMG_9603Karishma, has been  a doula since 2013, Karishma’s favorite part of her work is being able to help a mother and her family through labor.  She is a married mother from the south suburbs who enjoys family activities, working out, and staying busy.


Debbie Lillig

headshotDebbie, has been a doula for 4 years. She is a mother of 3 children ranging in age from 10-17. Debbie is also a certified lactation consultant (CLC), a postpartum doula, a La Leche League Leader, and a childbirth educator at Hinsdale hospital. Debbie is also pursuing certification in aromatherapy for labor and birth and as a Dancing for Birth Instructor.  After using a doula for her 2 successful VBACs, Debbie was inspired to pursue doula work. She has spent the last 3 years educating pregnant teens, and supporting them during and after their births. In addition to birth work, Debbie sings in a performance choir and works as a costumer for her daughter’s dance company.